Consumers across the country are struggling with back-breaking credit card debt at levels never seen before.  These debt loads can loom even larger when combined with the loss of a job, cuts in wages, or a mortgage that is spinning out of control. Getting completely out of debt under any of those circumstances can seem like an impossible pipe dream, but by making the right choices and working with the right people, it can be done. Instead of accepting a life of constantly chasing debt but never catching up, 800 Debt Settlement’s proven system for negotiating debt settlements provides a way to get consumers out from under their burdensome level of debt as quickly as possible.


After years of experience and hundreds of debt settlements, we understand that as many paths as there are toward the accumulation of debt, there are just as many to consider when trying to come to terms with and get out from under it. Options such as filing bankruptcy, seeking debt counseling, or arranging for a debt consolidation must all be considered as possible solutions to a debt problem and all of them can provide relief in varying degrees depending on the consumer’s situation. The team at 800 Debt Settlement doesn’t settle for just a solution, however. Our mission is to provide each client with a customized solution that optimizes the end result in every situation.


We do find that, for many clients, debt settlement is the best option due to the combination of attributes it provides over the other alternatives. Starting with a single monthly payment for all debts rolled into the debt settlement process, the single check aspect offers participants the convenience of not having to sift and balance multiple bills each month. Also rolled into the process is the immediate reduction of around 50% on the total amount of monthly payments due on all accounts in the plan. The process typically runs anywhere from 18 months to 48 months from beginning to end. The biggest advantage is that once the client has completed the plan, that client is “paid in full” and debt free on all settled accounts. Depending on the original size of the settlement amount, the savings on interest payments combined with the reduction of principle owed can actually run into millions of dollars when calculated over the typical timeline estimate for paying that debt in full.


At 800 Debt Settlement, we’ll consider your personal circumstances in relation to each solution and then develop a strategy that provides the most optimal results to you both now and in the future. Your path to financial freedom can start now with our on-line application. Either way, you will have taken the first step toward your financial freedom.

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