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800 Debt Settlement learning center is an information resource to help consumers with credit, finance and debt topics such as debt settlement, credit counseling and more.

Bankruptcy Resources

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process and Timeline

Once you have considered your debt relief options, and decided to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy it's important to know the process and timeline involved. If you should have not yet spoken with a bankruptcy attorney, you should as soon as possible. As important as it is to understand the bankruptcy process, every case is unique but similar in nature.   While every Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is unique and requires different legal decisions along the way. Your bankruptcy attorney should be able to ex

Life After Bankruptcy

Here are two logical ways to get off on the right foot to your fresh start after filing bankruptcy.  

Debt Consolidation Resources

Pay Off Your Debts Through a Non-Profit Debt Consolidation Company

A debt consolidation non-profit company helps you consolidate your debts in a way similar to a for-profit consolidation companies. If you are overburdened with huge amount of unsecured debts, then you can seek help of non-profit debt consolidation companies. Such a consolidation company will help you by analyzing your financial budget and devising a budget for you. They prepare an income and expenditure analysis and guide you on managing your finances on that basis. The company negotiates with y

Debt Settlement Resources

Procedure to Calculate Debt Settlement

Before contacting the creditor for a debt settlement, you may calculate a reasonable debt settlement amount. However, remember, that the actual settlement amount may vary from the number you got by calculation. In a debt settlement, a debtor always wants to pay as little as possible. However, the creditor wants to get much as possible from the debtor. And often, the amount lands somewhere in between the two amounts.

Foreclosure Resources

Defenses Against Foreclosure - Foreclosure Information (PART II of III)

PART II. Defenses Against Foreclosure If the bank does not voluntarily agree to stop the trustee sale you have only two options to stop it stop the sale of your property:  

Foreclosure Timeline and Eviction Process - Foreclosure Information (PART I of III)

PART I - Foreclosure Timeline and Eviction Process Notice of Default (NOD)A NOD is typically filed 90 days after non-payment of your mortgage loan, California State law allows lenders to record a Notice of Default on your property and start the foreclosure process if you are over 90 day delinquent.

Loan Modification Resources

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